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Hello, we are leefs.
We strongly believe in the impact of user research,
do you?

Who we are

leefs CX is a specialized consulting agency focussed on user research and usability testing

We‘re a growing team of passionate user researchers in Cologne, Berlin and Munich.

We're working for companies in various industries who aim to develop products or services user-centered.

We deliver excellent user research, usability and accessibility testing in +5 languages.

Who we work for

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What we do

As user research experts we provide you with valuable insights and services

We support your product and design teams in understanding the problems of the target group and testing solution hypotheses.

We take a close look at the usability and user-friendliness of your products and optimize them through continuous user testing. leefs offers user research throughout the entire product development process.

Generative Research
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We want to help you understand your target audience’s point of view so you can create better solutions and experiences for them. We record your customer's behaviour, thoughts and everyday life to explore their attitudes, preferences, and opinions.

That way we can provide context and insight into customers’ behavior and habits, and help your teams define a problem they’d like to create a solution for. Possible methods may include User Interviews, Contextual Inquiries or Diary Studies.

Evaluative Research
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We will validate your concepts and test your prototypes to know whether or not your product or feature is on the right track. We test concepts and designs with your target audience quickly to ensure the design meets users’ expectations as early as possible.

The data collected through this type of research helps you validate design directions, informs changes and enables your teams to truly embrace user-centered development. Possible methods may include Usabilty Testing, Preference Testing, Tree Testing or Task Analysis.

Research Operations
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In Research Operations, we strive to optimize your research processes and overall environment. Our services include efficient planning, usage of modern tools, transparent workflows, action-oriented results, and continuous feedback loops.

We prioritize efficiency, precision, and knowledge to create structures that align with your corporate goals and significantly influence your decision-making processes.

Research Enablement
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As User Researchers, we view enablement as a core aspect of our work. To maximize the potential of UX Research, we assist you and your team in using the results effectively and sustainably.

We accomplish this by providing training and workshops on research methodology, creating comprehensive resources and guides, offering advice on incorporating User Research into business processes, and aiding in the selection and integration of research tools.

Research Democratization
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We enable you and your team to conduct user research! By providing knowledge, tools and training, we can widen the insights you can collect and diversify the perspective on how customers or users interact with your product, allowing for a more thorough approach to its design.

We can help your team build a closer relationship with your users and foster a user-centric culture in your company.

How we work

Our user research methods are as diverse as your research questions

Our aim is not only to work efficiently and methodically, but also to deliver results that offer immediate added value for your product.

User Interviews
Usability Tests
Focus Groups
Contextual Inquiry
Diary Studies
Webtracking Analysis
Card Sorting
Kano Analysis
OpScore Analysis
Content Analysis
AcceSsibility Testing

Time-to-insights, efficiency and quality are key to excellent user research, we develop our own research tools for automation and pace of research.

Kano Analysis TOOL
Panel Management Tool
Repository Mananagement Tool

What drives us

We're passionate user researchers

“User research is like a compass that guides our product development in the right direction: The sooner we use it, the fewer detours we have to take.”

Senior User Researcher

Veronika - leefs CX user researcher

“I love to bring my tool kit full of research methods to solve tricky research questions for and with you.”

Senior User Researcher

Franka - leefs CX user researcher

“Let’s learn a little bit more every day about the world and diversity of your users!”

User Researcher

Clara - leefs CX user researcher

“My passion for digital product development translates directly into my curiousity to really get to know the users. For me, the user is always at the heart of every decision making process.”

User Researcher

Nina - leefs CX user researcher

work Together

The way we can work together is tailored to your needs

We process specific research questions, individual studies or research tasks

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We take on the user researcher role in your product team(s) with our research tandems

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We take holistic responsibility for user research and testing in your company

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Sounds good?
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Anne - leefs CX user researcher

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Anne Görs
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Managing Director

leefs CX GmbH
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